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9:30 AM

Scheduling and Timekeeping in Workplace Projects

Join this 20 minute webinar where we will cover effectively scheduling, timekeeping, and best practices...

10:00 AM

Tips & Techniques on How to be an Active Listener

This short 20 minute non interactive session will give you some great tips and ideas on how to be a better...

11:00 AM

How to Conduct a Great Mid-Year Conversation

How to Conduct a Great Mid-Year Conversation A mid-year review is a great way to connect with your employees...


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Really enjoyed it, loved how interactive it was for a webinar - chances to 'get involved, share thoughts and questions, etc. Excellent information – very, VERY useful for all stages of business selling. Very motivational with good energy.
User UK
Learnt more in one hour than I did in an all day course a couple of years ago. Very impressed. Thanks, very enjoyable. I’ve learnt so much in a few short hours He knew lots on the topic and spoke/taught us in a way that helped individuals who barely know the basic excel functions. The instructor was great and enthusiastic, lots of new shortcuts learnt.
User Singapore
The trainer has been flawless in her speech and in delivering the training and made the session interesting. Course was much better than I imagined and the most interactive I have attended. Everyone was engaged during the session and the hour went by too fast. It was an enjoyable session.
User Spain
Brilliant trainer, was very mindful of the triggers that the session might have with people, was very informative and really recommend that all should attend. Thank you! Just thank you! This is obviously a topic you are passionate about and know a lot about. Thank you for giving me lots to think about and take forward.
User UK
Love the dynamic between the presenters, made it all the more better. Not only good content, the delivery was grand and makes it all more appealing too
User USA