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9 Modules

Leadership Essentials

This course provides a roadmap to achieving excellence in Leadership. It will provide essential leadership skills to those who are...

3 Modules

Client Excellence Intermediate

We all want to be able to get our point across in a professional way, especially during more challenging conversations or situatio...

8 Modules

Understanding Sales Essentials

Do you want to know what good sales practices look like? Would you like to learn techniques to help you become a highly effective ...

1 Modules


The importance of compliance in the workplace cannot be underestimated. We break compliance down into three distinct areas, GDPR, ...

3 Modules

Sales Essentials Introduction

Simply selling a product without understanding your client's needs will often lead to buyers remorse. This session not only sh...

3 Modules

Mastering Sales Essentials

Selling is more complex than ever before. Sellers who don’t deliver differentiated sales experiences will find it harder to ...

2 Modules

Global Podcast

One of SeedL’s founders coupled with a leadership expert, record the Global Leadership podcast each week, in front of a live...

4 Modules

Client Excellence Introduction

Listening is one of the most important skills you can have. How well you listen has a major impact on your job effectiveness, and ...

7 Modules

Leading a Sales Team

In an ever evolving world, Change is a constant, now more than ever, and we don't always get the time to plan for changes. The...

2 Modules

Human Resources

Hiring the right people is an essential part of building a high- performing team. Learn key techniques to help you make informed d...

2 Modules


Some of our people don't need direction. Our best people have the skill and willingness to think for themselves. It makes sens...

7 Modules

Client Delivery Excellence

This course is designed for Individuals that deliver a service and have regular contact with clients. Businesses that develop grea...

8 Modules


Millions of people use Excel on a daily basis, but many have never had any training. In this series we look at the most commonly u...

6 Modules

People Development

This course is designed for HR and L&D Professionals, individuals that support Business’ implement People initiativ...

3 Modules


In a world full of pressures and challenges how are you taking time to care for yourself? Is that time well spent? In this practic...

1 Modules

Sales Essentials Advanced

Ever heard the phrase 'don't take my word for it', how can you deliver this to your prospects and renewal clients? Thi...

4 Modules

Business Skills

This course offers a wealth of information to equip you with skills needed to operate efficiently and effectively within the workp...

8 Modules

Potential Managers

Are you interested in taking the step into a leadership role? Would you like to learn more about the skills and attributes needed ...

6 Modules

Kickstart Your Career

Are you starting your career journey and want to learn more about the commercial world? Or maybe you have taken a career break and...

8 Modules

Client Strategic Excellence

This course is suitable for Individuals that have strategic partnerships with their Clients and want to build an equal relationshi...

9 Modules

Enhancing Sales Essentials

Business is not just about doing deals anymore; it is about developing strong relationships that go beyond great products, great s...

4 Modules

Client Operational Excellence

This course is designed for individuals that work in a reactive business environment, responding to incoming requests and queries....

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