Our Policies

Data Retention Policy

  1. Introduction: SEEDL Group Ltd. is committed to protecting the privacy and security of the personal data collected from its users. This Data Retention Policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for the retention and disposal of data obtained through registrations, attendance records, and feedback for live training and on-demand webinars.
  2. Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to ensure that SEEDL Group Ltd. retains data for only as long as necessary to fulfil the stated purposes for which it was collected, comply with legal obligations, and safeguard the interests of the data subjects.
  3. Data Collected: SEEDL Group Ltd. collects and processes the following data:
    1. Name
    2. Email address
    3. Registration details
    4. Attendance records
    5. Feedback
    6. Job title (where supplied by your administrator)
    7. Line Manager (where supplied by your administrator).
  4. Data Retention Periods:
    1. Registration Data: Retention Period: 24 months from the date of registration, or 12 months after the removal of your account from our platform, whichever is later. Rationale: This allows SEEDL Group Ltd. to maintain accurate user records and communicate relevant information about upcoming events.
    2. Attendance Records: Retention Period: 12 months after your account is closed. Rationale: SEEDL Group Ltd. retains attendance records to address any post-event inquiries and to assess the success and impact of the training with the provider of your system to you.
    3. Feedback: Retention Period: 12 months after your account is closed. Rationale: SEEDL Group Ltd. analyzes feedback to improve the quality of its training programs and services. Retaining feedback for this period allows for a comprehensive evaluation of trends and patterns.
  5. Data Disposal: Upon expiration of the respective retention periods, SEEDL Group Ltd. will securely dispose of the data using methods that ensure the irreversibility of the information. This may include permanent deletion from electronic databases and secure shredding of any physical documents.
  6. Data Subject Rights: Data subjects have the right to request access, correction, or deletion of their personal data. SEEDL Group Ltd. will respond promptly to such requests in accordance with applicable data protection laws.
  7. Legal and Regulatory Compliance: SEEDL Group Ltd. will regularly review and update this Data Retention Policy to ensure compliance with relevant data protection laws and regulations.
  8. Security Measures: SEEDL Group Ltd. will implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data it processes, including encryption, access controls, and regular security assessments.
  9. Review and Revision: This policy will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary to reflect changes in business processes, technology, and legal requirements.
  10. Contact Information: For questions or concerns regarding this Data Retention Policy, please contact SEEDL Group Ltd. at dpo@seedl.com